Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Making IP assignment easy

I got a request from team to create a tool for easy IP address assignment to the networked machine running on windows XP or 2003.

This was easy and great fun to use WMI for rapid development of the tool.

It sets static IP, subnet and gateway to a selected network adapter on a computer running windows XP/2003. Vista has not been tested yet.

If you need to assign static IP to the machines without logging into each system via RDC/VNC, you can use this tool to work faster.

The data about the computers need to be provided though. That can be done in the INI file which comes with the application. The entry in the INI file is like this...
<ip or hostname>=<admin_user_name>,<password>,<domain>

Example -,mypass,lab

Add all the entries in the [Computers] category only inside INI file.

Note: Keep the INI file in the same folder where you will keep the executable.

Changes from v1.0 -
* Rewritten in .NET 1.1 (v1.0 was in VB6)
* Can work with multiple computers instead of copying the program into each and every one of them (login data still required)
* INI support for faster operation (and not manual logging)

Requirements: .NET 1.1

* Works with windows XP/2003 machines only
* Requires network connectivity
* Password not encrypted

File Link: IPStatic-v2.0.rar