Sunday, September 20, 2009


What happens when you wake up from educated coma and understand that something is wrong around you? Your freedom is not what it is.

Actually, freedom is also very subjective. But ever since our ancestors' brain started working, we have always consciously desired a recognition for our existence. Unfortunately, this desire tends to overtake our righteousness now and then in modern times. We tend to go overboard and set rules for others while making ourselves believe that it is in their best interests.

We are still evolving in cyber world. How long has it been, hardly 10 years or so?! This generation is watching it live - setting up of rules for our virtual existence. Those who are setting it understand best what not everyone knows - information is the power - and it facilitates growth in other fields.

While digital media is created by us, its debatable, or subjective whether its accessibility is really governed by the creator. The original idea of 'successful' trading, I believe, is creating and selling what others need, not what we want to sell. But mostly, we sell what we want to sell and not what others need. Freedom is virtual.

Being an artist (somewhat) I also understand what it means to put hard work and time in creating amazing designs and results. But where is the fun? I feel, joy comes when its shared.

This is bit late article to celebrate the day of FOSS (Free and open source software), perhaps I am not even aware of correct date, but my philosophy about sharing is not limited to it only. Audio, video, photographs, software etc. - it applies to all.

Take what you need to survive, give away the rest. Peace.