Saturday, October 1, 2011

Visio 2010 64-bit bummer

Its so weird and irritating to know something doesn't work and has been documented already. Just that I did not search for it. How would anyone know if things will work or not?

You cannot use the ActiveX control of Visio 64 bit edition in your VS applications. I happen to run everything in 64 bit mode. x-(

Here is the info:

You cannot add the Microsoft Visio 14.0 drawing control to a Windows Form application in Visual Studio if you have the 64-bit version of Visio 2010 installed

Cause: These problems occur because the Visual Studio designer does not support 64-bit ActiveX controls and because the 64-bit version of Visio 2010 only works with the 64-bit version of the Microsoft Office Visio 14.0 drawing control. Therefore, the drawing control cannot be instantiated.

To work around this problem, follow these steps:
  1. Install the 32-bit version of Visio 2010 on a computer....

Ridiculous. Now, I've to undo the installation and install 32 bit version. Great! :(
Why is VS Designer not modified to support 64 bit ActiveX controls?

Even when I uninstalled 64 bit Visio, the 32 bit Viso won't install because of 64 bit Office installed on my machine. That means I've to uninstall whole 64 bit MS Office for just one VS Designer to work. WTH?!

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