Saturday, September 15, 2012

Auto Save in Paint - ver - Patch Release

This is a small post to post a minor patch on top of release version 1.7

Tflamb noticed that on Windows 7, the XP Paint application was not able to save the JPEG files, and thus shrink them. He suggested a delay to be introduced while saving the files.

I made the delay configurable in the "Options".

1. In "Options" dialog box, there is a number selector (numeric up/down box) for the required delay while Paint application saves a file. The value that it can hold is in the range of 0 to 30. This number is the delay in seconds that AutoSavePaint (ASP) will wait for Paint application to save per file. If the delay is 0, then ASP will behave normally and no extra delay will be introduced.

I'm only uploading the binary+source for the patch, instead of the whole package. Please download ver 1.7 first and then apply the patch.

Download links for Auto Save in Paint v1.7.0.2 patch: