Saturday, September 15, 2012

Auto Save in Paint - ver - Patch Release

This is a small post to post a minor patch on top of release version 1.7

Tflamb noticed that on Windows 7, the XP Paint application was not able to save the JPEG files, and thus shrink them. He suggested a delay to be introduced while saving the files.

I made the delay configurable in the "Options".

1. In "Options" dialog box, there is a number selector (numeric up/down box) for the required delay while Paint application saves a file. The value that it can hold is in the range of 0 to 30. This number is the delay in seconds that AutoSavePaint (ASP) will wait for Paint application to save per file. If the delay is 0, then ASP will behave normally and no extra delay will be introduced.

I'm only uploading the binary+source for the patch, instead of the whole package. Please download ver 1.7 first and then apply the patch.

Download links for Auto Save in Paint v1.7.0.2 patch:


  1. 1st: Hello from 2014!
    2nd: Mr. Nahuatl! Thank you, thank you, thank you for answering my prayers! I'm gonna assume my initial tests on a virtual machine are accurate and this is not malware that will hurt me. But it is instead a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL program that does EXACTLY what I wanted!! Thank You!!!
    3rd: For anyone reading this: Down load version 1.7 Binaries And the latest ( Binaries. He uses "Binaries" for "Program" (or "Application").
    Extract everything. Next rename the 1.7 app to "*-old" and copy the newer program into the area with the DLLs. Then run the program.
    This should clear up most errors.
    4th: You are not gonna believe this but MS screwed up MS Paint in Windows 7!!! (And possibly beyond.)
    When I run this with Win 7 the files are deflated to about 70% of the original size. BUT if you run it through Windows XP's MS Paint, it decrease the files to 40% of the original size!!!
    In my manual tests I had a file go from 28884 to (Windows 7) 21174 but in XP it goes to 11672!!!
    I mean, COME ON! How do you screw up MS Paint???? Oh. Of course. Microsoft (Office 2007, Vista, Windows 8, etc.).
    SO: Do yourself a favor and find a Windows XP machine (or run a virtual version of XP) and run your photos (or, in my case Comic Book Cover Scans) through the process using the Windows XP version.
    NOTE: So far I have only tested this program on the Windows 7 version, but the outcome was Exactly The Same with the manual processing of the same file.
    In fact, I ran this program on a test file I had compressed manually in XP and it actually INFLATED the file (due to Microsoft, NOT this WONDERFUL program).
    -- Finally: Sir, (assuming this passes further tests) I plan to spread the news of the program far and wide. It will be one of my Gold Programs; those programs well written and offered to ANYONE who needs a Great Program in their stable.
    Please, Please, Please, Please, DON'T let this be Malware! I have over 15000 cover scans to process and I really don't want them blowing up my network when they are being processed. :-)
    With that said, I will spread this program wherever I can.
    Sincerely, The NPP

  2. Dear NPP,

    Thank you for explaining my application to general user. It seems you have very good experience in testing field.

    And thanks for the encouraging kind words. I promise that this is not any malware. I have given the source as well for transparency, so that any body with programming experience can see that it is a sincere attempt to solve disk space issue with existing tools.

    Have a great day!

  3. NPP, you need not run virtual XP, just copy MS Paint from XP to your local folder and configure this application to use this copied paint executable. Thus you can harness full power of your hardware.

  4. Hello again! Oh man! What a wonderful thing to watch!
    First the data: 2792 scanner produced JPEG files (Comic Book covers) on a non-networked AMD 3500+, 2.2 Ghz, 2.43 GB RAM. Took 4h:46m. Had second Windows Explorer window open to watch the files in the directory "suddenly" change in size. SO COOL!
    It worked the entire folder. I will warn anyone running this: This is a resource intensive process! If at all possible, run it on a machine dedicated to the actions or run it overnight for large collections. When processing through MSPaint it "takes over" the PC and doesn't really allow you to do anything except in the 4 seconds between files.
    Sample results, five random files, Windows XP MS Paint: 91.3 -> 24.7 = 27% of source size.
    ~~ The N.P.P. ~~

  5. Now the comments: Wow! What a wonderful thing to watch! It processed as requested and it was fun watching the file sizes "magically" reduce in size one by one.
    As noted, this will become one of my Gold Programs and I will tell everyone I I can about this wonderful program. I cannot be the only one searching for something like this.
    As for why I was cautious (other than it being from the internet) was because the copyright info doesn't match your name here. So I am extra careful.
    Yes, I know you included the source code, but the internet abounds with magicians who can do almost anything. It is nice to see you are one of the good guys.
    I honestly hope your life is filled with good things and a nice existence because you just helped mine to become better.
    Once again, I thank you very much for producing a program I have been searching for for years!
    Thank You!!!
    Sincerely, ~~ The N.P.P. ~~

    1. You are right. This is my blog, and my blog name is an alias. Plus, it is not the best place to publish my applications. But I don't know where should I move this application to.

    2. I think I should move this app to

    3. BTW, have you read all the info about this tool? If not, here:

    4. Yes, I had seen those comments and information. Very handy!
      Maybe putting it on one of those Utility sites (with links back to this source) would help.
      I honestly can't believe I'm the only person who needed this but it was wonderful to find it.
      EXCELLENT work.
      And again, Thank you!
      ~~ The N.P.P. ~


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